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What is a Room Block?

A room block is a service that a hotel provides a group traveling to the area that needs to ensure they will all be able to book at one location. A room block typically provides discounted rates for the dates of travel. The room block will provide a private inventory of sleeping rooms exclusive for your group to access.

What is Considered a "Group"?

Requiring 7 or more sleeping rooms will consider you as group and candidate for a room block.

Wedding Guests Traveling? When Should I Book a Room Block?

If you are getting married or helping someone that is and guests will need accommodations, there is no "right" time. Realistically, doing it sooner that later is best. Why?

  • General hotel availability
  • Booking earlier means lower rates, means lower discounted rates
    • Discounted group rates are based on the going rate during the desired dates of travel at the time of inquiry or booking of the room block.
    • Example: You begin planning a vacation in January. You plan to vacation sometime in July. When you check hotel and flights in January they're relatively inexpensive, but you decide to wait. Two months later you check hotel and flights again, now prices have nearly doubled. If you would have booked in January, you wouldn't have had to sell your house to go on vacation.

Am I Going to be Financially Responsible?

Depending on the number of rooms your group requires will determine the terms and conditions of your room block.

Typically more rooms and/or during busy seasons such as Summer will require more strict terms and conditions.

Once we receive your inquiry, our experienced sales team will walk you through the absolute best option for you and your guests!

I May Not Reach 7-10 Rooms, Are There Other Options?

Other options are available! With all your needs and travel dates noted, we will surely be able to accommodate your guests.

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We look forward to your inquiry and having your guests with us!

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